stencyl and a good mac program?

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I have been interested in making games for awhile but never actually done it but when I found this this great community i thought it would be a good time to start. At first i wanted to start with Klik & play (obviously) but im on a mac and KnP doesn't work well with winebottler so i looked at novashell instead but that was a little complicated for someone with no programming experience and i would have to learn lua..... but today i found stencyl wich seems pretty good, but not many people use it, which worries me. plus i have no money.

basically, is there any other good, simple and free game making software that i can use or should i stick with stencyl?

(i know game maker lite is free but id rather have the whole software)

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you know what, Im actually

you know what, Im actually just going to run windows in virtual box which makes everything easier, but suggestions for a good mac game maker are still welcome if you have any.

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Stencyl is definitely

Stencyl is definitely getting some traction around these parts; since it exports Flash and runs cross-platform, it makes it a pretty appealing choice.

I know of GameSalad that is Mac-specific; they mentioned at GDC that they're going to be branching out to Windows pretty soon? Looks like the free version exports to HTML5 these days, so you'd be able to share stuff here and have people be able to play it.

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Thanks for replying, ill definitely check out gameSalad but ill probably stick with stencyl.