The Inaugural Klik of the Month Klub Results Thread

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Post the games you wrote here! I think you can upload them to the Wiki, if you don't have hosting.

My game is a little number I like to call Travellin' Ted. There are three levels to visit and complete, making it my most ambitious 2-hour game yet. My favourite is the one with the tiny pirates raining down from the sky. WHAT'S YOURS?

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I totally missed this since

I totally missed this since the differences in time zones put it at seven in the morning over here. Like, does seven a.m. even exist?

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I would have no objections

I would have no objections to pushing it forward another couple of hours next time.

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That would be appreciated if

That would be appreciated if it is agreeable with other people.

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Travellin' Ted gives me a

Travellin' Ted gives me a strong desire to get ready to yeti!

SMILEYO documents the heroic struggles of Angry Red as he confronts his nemesis, the nefarious Interdimensional Elvis, and attempts to save/eat/explode his friends, the Mellow Crew. Watch out for I.E.'s deadly Telephone Storm, Red! Keep your multiplier up for maximum pointage!

Protip: hit Ctrl-M to disable the music if you want to hear the delightful audio samples.

SUPER PROTIP: Input the SECRET CODE at the GAEM OVER screen to enable Vengeance Mode, leaving you free to wreak havoc and shrug off telephones with impunity! Please note that high scores achieved in this mode are not elibigle for the mail-in Hall of Fame, and the events that occur after GAEM OVER are not considered canon.

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And don't forget!

Just released! SMILEYO2: REVENGE OF BLUE follows the continuing adventures of Angry Red, following the events in the Vampire Pigeon Dimension (as retold in BLOODSUCKER BIRDSONG: DEATH HAS A MESSENGER, also available) which left our hero forever changed. Invisible Blue, having lured our intrepid protagonist into his Domain of Pain, plans to reintroduce him to his latest creation... and he's a dead ringer for an old enemy!