Possible trainspotting goldmine

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The Daily Click has a new subsite called the Klik Museum.

Check out Atom Boy 2.

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! !!!! !!!! !! ! !!!!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

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An impressive dissapointment!

Wah, neither of my ancient games made the archive! *sob* And yet so many of my contemporaries did!

Let's see... an unlocked copy of Furries 2? (starring balls of fur with rocket launchers) That's amazing! A classic I've been looking for! Furries 2 (christmas edition!) had some of the most incredible physics simulation in KnP event writing I've ever witnessed. As I recall, it was utterly incomprehensible. I can't wait to take another look at it! And what else... Gunner 2, the inspiration for my obsession with making a better KnP scrolling system! And something called "catz"; could it be the long lost prequel to CATS II?

Sadly, the museum has the reworked (and much less imaginative) version of Furballs (another game starring another ball of fur). The original version of Furballs was a unique story platformer, the likes of which I hadn't seen online again until Psychosomnium showed up.

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Lost Valley

Download page

I just put a half hour into this. Ripped graphics, cryptic NPC advice, and over 1000 screens of nonlinear hack-and-slashing? In The Games Factory? Holy cow.

Apparently the beta tester wrote an extensive walkthrough, but it's only available in Italian. The Daily Click comments page is filled with people asking each other questions on how to do such and such or avoid certain bugs, sort of like how people reacted to the first Zelda game.

This is basically what I aspired to make when I got my dirty little hands on those old programs -- but, you know, they were optimized for quick screwing around, not epic adventures with tons of screens. I can't believe someone actually pulled it off.

Some of the enemies and cliff graphics I recognize, most of it I don't...

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I first played this some

I first played this some years ago when I found it on Underdogs. I couldn't for the life of me work out what to do after killing that gigantic plant and I'm still under the impression that it was bugged which is a good excuse for not knowing what to do next in a game.

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That's quite a torrent. Played some more this evening

edit: oh my god

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Feed me and you may pass.

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what a timewarp

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