WIP: Johr®

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Anyone know a date on when B-Game II starts? I'd like to squeeze a game in before that -- just a few screens long. Here is an early WIP!

(note: the cutscenes and gfx are salvaged from a months-old mock-up)

johr_wip_1.zip236.13 KB


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I am massively into this.

I am massively into this.

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"Shut up and I will tell you

"Shut up and I will tell you stories of Johr." is the best opening line of anything, ever, forever.

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I love the cutscene

I love the cutscene illustrations.

The copy protection was mildly annoying, as I had to hunt for the correct key code for forward slash, as I use a different layout from yours.

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Oof, I didn't think of that.

Oof, I didn't think of that. Are shift, CTRL and ESC the same?

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're the same on most layouts.

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yes yes yes

Also holy cow I can play Klik games again! DOSbox + Win3.1 <3 <3

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progress shot

johr_progress.png37.21 KB