These automatic arms.


You appear not to be in control of your arms.
Bystanders may be in danger.
A tinfoil hat might help?
Reunite with your child and give them a proper hug.
(Made for Molyjam NYC.)


v1.1: -- one new gameplay mechanic, two new rooms, four new bystanders, thirteen new pieces of tinfoil, zero new easter eggs, debug keys removed or better squirreled away, slightly augmented fifth room clue, a few minor bugs squashed, 'hallway' room's doors open faster, N Key will now speed through the intro and outro screens, first room's tinfoil text appears more quickly, cute but capricious switch-up removed from ninth room, your child loves you just a little bit more.

Made For: 
An event


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I have yet to complete this,

I have yet to complete this, but I'm impressed by the number of Molydeux ideas I've seen incorporated so far.

Oh, right. I can think of

Oh, right. I can think of three that we explicitly incorporated (arms out of control; cut-scene to start and then jumping back in time, with the goal being to reach the end-point shown at the beginning; maybe making a colored square feel alive), but I wonder if there are others that we used accidentally? If you stop by again, I'd love to hear if you were thinking of anything in addition to those.

As for not finishing yet, we've discovered that the fifth or so room is very hard for most people -- and I think it's because we don't well-enough demonstrate before that point how the bystander behavior functions, how they're reactive to what you do (in a pretty dumb and straight-forward way, coding-wise; don't let this make you think there's anything complex to notice in their behavior). Without giving it away completely, I'll just point out that I added an extra piece of collectible tin-foil in that room, on the right side of the room. If you go collect that one first, the behavior/solution will likely make itself clear.

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I love this. Very early

I love this. Very early cactus in style, solid gameplay, and I appreciate all of the short, horrifying biographical notes on the failure screens.