Ghost Zapper - my first trainwreck!

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Hi guys, wanted to share my first trainwreck here, a ripoff of Ghostbusters I call Ghost Zapper. You control the proton gun on the bottom of the screen. Move left and right with A and D, and left click to fire your gun. Hold down the laser on a ghost for a second to zap them. You have 3 ghost bombs which can be used by pressing W.

Click the link above, play it, let me know what you think. Comments are appreciated. Oh, I guess I should also mention it was made in Construct 2.

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good, but kinda hard

i liked it, its a fun first train wreck....but it seems a bit hard...the ghosts move to fast for you to hold your mouse on them and music would definitely improve it. the again, i havent actually made a game yet, so i cant judge.......

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I liked it, the mechanic of

I liked it, the mechanic of having to follow the ghosts was pretty interesting, and the movement of the ghosts was pretty good at creating times when they were all naturally flying away from you, or when they were all coming right at you. Those highs and lows made it pretty fun!