There Is A Monster at the End of this Game

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Arrows + space.

Made with a team for Molyjam NYC.
Monster sprite ripped from Monsters, Inc. GBA.
Music ripped from To the Moon.
Full credits in game.

Made For: 
An event


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Love each and every one of

Love each and every one of the endings.

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There are four, right?

There are four, right?

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Thank you! And yes, there

Thank you! And yes, there are four endings.

The monster design is

The monster design is delightful! (And so is the character design, for that matter!)

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Full disclosure: as it says

Full disclosure: as it says in the credits, the monster sprite was ripped from the Game Boy Advance Monster's Inc. game. The player sprite is mine, made before the event and meant to be used in an unfinished action game that coincidentally stored a per-enemy name, age, and bio like These Automatic Arms. The backgrounds are original to our artist, Vivian.

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Wow, good game. Interesting

Wow, good game. Interesting choices with the endings!