Upcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZT

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I'm thinking about staging a ZZT jam for trainwreckers some weekend in May. I haven't made a game in ZZT in over 9 years and thought it might be fun to kind of go back to my roots. Anyone interested? Would it be best as a day thing, a weekend thing, or a 2-hour thing?

I was thinking about some sort of compilation with people making as many ZZT games as they can over the course of a day or weekend, kinda like a smaller scale Pirate Kart.

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I've never used ZZT before

I've never used ZZT before but I think it'd be fun to try!

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Yeah, I've been thinking

Yeah, I've been thinking about trying out ZZT recently so this is perfect timing!!

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Hmm, decided to play with

Hmm, decided to play with ZZT a little. Not sure I like the concept of an entirely keyboard-driven editor. Seems rather unintuitive. I also can't figure out how to get the level testing feature in KevEdit to work...

I'm so used to Klik where it's easy to access everything.

If you're willing to invite other ZZTers...

If you want to invite other ZZTers, don't forget to cross-post to z2 (zzt.org). But if you want to keep it just a Glorious Trainwrecks thing, that's fine too. :)

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I'll absolutely be making a

I'll absolutely be making a post at z2 about the event in the next day or so. If we could get a few oldbies or semi-oldbies involved, that'd be great. Glorious Trainwrecks is all about inclusiveness!