MarMOTS Vision #1 Nearly Attained!

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MarMOTS is back up, and more awesome than ever.

For reference, here is my 8-part vision. The only difference between the server that is now live and Vision #1 is that the current system is still missing a chatbox. That will not be hard. I'm also hoping to get bright colours up and running soon; have to run some experiments still. Smiley face support is unfortunately absent.

The current whiteboard-specific code is about 250 lines of Python; the whole server / framework is about 1400 lines. I love you, Stackless and Twisted.


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This really is amazing. I

This really is amazing. I love it so.

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This picture definitely

This picture definitely shows that the @ symbol can be just as fearsome and gorgeous as the smiley face. You guys are awesome.

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MarMOTS has now served SIX

MarMOTS has now served SIX SIMULTANEOUS PLAYERS, thanks to dessgeega's twitter.

CPU still jumped pretty high even with my serious optimizations, though, which is a concern. But thank you for the steady supply of testers!


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tab selects flashterm

tab selects flashterm options, like changing the font and other weird shit, so it seems like a bad choice for selecting in-game options. the menu could be a little easier to read - i'd change the choose-color marker to a black "gem" or other solid shape.

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Fun while it lasted...

Now it's just several users filling the screen horizontally as fast as their repeat-key holds will let them.
Maybe password-protected rooms next?

Also, Flashterm doesn't work on my laptop. Admittedly, it's an odd setup. I'm running Ubuntu on a MacBook. And I can't seem to telnet using:
which gives me:
/telnet: could not resolve
/telnet: Name or service not known

Any ideas?

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Looks like it's over for the time being. I hope your host doesn't get mad at you for all that CPU!
Also, looks like I needed a space instead of a colon for command line connecting.

The ANSI gallery is now a perfect image of a descent into madness.

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After having reviewed the

After having reviewed the ANSI gallery, I'm pretty sure I'm going to require a Glorious Trainwrecks account to login before MarMOTS comes back up.

I really have no interest at all in either facilitating or moderating anarchic anonymous ANSI griefing. That shit is BORING. One of the things visible in one of the last screenshots is someone saying, "... whole point of this program is the anarchy of the chat. [...] or get out." Now, I realize that the program as it currently stands facilitates the anarchy of the chat, but in fact that is FAR from the point of the program. MarMOTS is for making stuff. Anyone who wants to play with the anarchy of realtime anonymous chat rather than draw pictures and make friends is advised to run their own goddamn server.

I'm sure this is clear to all of the excellent members of this wonderful community, but I just wanted to be explicit that the profane and occasionally racist descent into madness that I am currently hosting was not the desired effect, and I will make sure that it does not continue.

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Hallelujah! By the way, I


By the way, I anxiously await when it gets back online, as I didn't get a chance to try it out earlier.

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ok i'll take it easy on the

ok i'll take it easy on the ascii cocks

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I was going to post that

I was going to post that picture of the fat businessman giving two thumbs up but thought better of it. Let's just leave it at "sincere, vehement agreement."