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A first outing into video game creation. A simple branching story hugely inspired by Aisle (Sam Barlow).

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Brilliant! I appreciate the

Brilliant! I appreciate the effort you put into make this as easy to navigate as possible. I'll have to check out Aisle, too...

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Very cool; it's really fun

Very cool; it's really fun to explore the story space.

Aisle is cool! I always get it mixed up with Rematch for some reason, though.

(Also, Pick Up The Phone Booth and Aisle.)

Parallel explorations

Thanks a lot! And an additional thanks for Rematch!
There's something I find really compelling about multiple worlds connected by small persistent elements. Where Aisle uses this to tell many different stories, Rematch seems combines all the subtle differences to tell one. Gradually discovering the world's depth through multiple short playthroughs is like candy for me.

Text seems to be the easiest way to play within this space, but I wonder what a similar exploration might look like visually...