Bullet Hell In 1978 (Originally for KOTMK 58)

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So,yeah. My Family dinner this night just lasted until 10,so now I can't upload this to KOMTK 58! D:
Anyways,This is that Bullet Hell Asteroids I mentioned on the chat.
I would've uploaded it at the restraunt I went to but turned out that every Wi-Fi connection there was encrypted.
So,enjoy this "Unreleased" game.

ORIGINAL INTENDED DESCRIPTION (Aka one I just wung right now with ideas I thought of earlier)
See kids? This is why Asteroids and Danmaku don't mix.
Instructions in-game.
And yes,this gets VERY,VERY hard.

Bullet Hell In 1978!.zip503.28 KB


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There's no reason you can't

There's no reason you can't post it to KOTMK 58 if you want to! It should even still come up as the default event when you go to post a game.

I'm planning to post mine this evening maybe. :)

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I figured that wouldn't work

I figured that wouldn't work or something.