Too Many Pigs

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Too Many Pigs is the game that asks the question: what the hell

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This kinda looks like

This kinda looks like something I'd make.

The use of KnP library graphics in MMF2... the haphazard placement of level tiles... the directional "chain-link" wall styling (see Gorillaflop)... bouncing objects and subsequent obnoxious tendency to get stuck in place, unable to control your character...

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I use KNP libraries in

I use KNP libraries in games. :P
Though, I do see the resemblance with your games an this.

Everyday I'm Qwopin' It.

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That was a brilliant

That was a brilliant experience.

Incidentally, hi mutantleg! I have played and enjoyed quite a few of your games (most recently, Cat Stretch), so I look forward to your future contributions here!