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(via offworld)

looks right up our alley! It's launching this month, apparently, which is weird because it seems to be flying largely under the radar for most folks.

Check out some screenshots and "kode" samples on their blog.

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Oh, hey! I'd seen this a

Oh, hey! I'd seen this a while ago but hadn't been keeping track of it. Looking forward to fiddling with it! Looks orders of magnitude less shitty than Popfly, anyway.

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Purchased! At $5 this was a

Purchased! At $5 this was a total no-brainer. Spent last evening fiddling with the tutorial levels. It's pretty sweet! Very much like a 3D Klik & Play.

Anyone else playing with this?

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i've been fiddling with it,

i've been fiddling with it, but i havn't had a lot of time for it. yeah, it's totally reminiscent of klik & play both in its use of stock art assets and sound effects and in its rules-based scripting. i've been thinking about making kodu enduro as a way to get a sense of its capabilities and limitations.