Feverish River

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You must get to safety, escape the mutant mosquitos of madness using your jet boat and super shooter.

Game was made over an hour and a half using construct 2 and paint.net
Output is HTML 5, included in the zip is a minimal webserver so it will run offline.
Just run the rungame.bat to start it up, in internet explorer no less!

Webserver from here: http://code.google.com/p/bareboneswebserver/

added Online version (exactly the same, just hosted on my webserver)

Made For: 
An event


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I found it strange that

I found it strange that there is no visual indicator of progress besides the MILES counter ticking off.... It's off-putting that the riverbank is static, BUT, the way that the mosquitoes are left behind in your wake when engines are engaged sort of gets around that... it's really quite a bizarre effect. I like that.

It's also great that you can just stay put and shoot... playing the game out in a survival mode (which is how I first played the game, having neglected to read the instructions.)

I liked it.

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Yea, you should've seen it

Yea, you should've seen it before I made the mosquitos get left behind, it was very odd feeling. Given more time and better artistic talent with paint def would've helped the motion look better. I should've put a score counter in, the basic code is already there. Also proper levels instead of just hitting play and magically at the next level.

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this reminds me of the fly

this reminds me of the fly swatting game in mario paint, even though i can't articulate exactly why