Death-Defying Princess Groove

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Defy death by pressing X to groove, Princess!

(Mind your stamina bar! It fills faster when you've got more stamina!)

John D. Moore
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An event


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A page torn from the happy spastic handbook

I won't give this a rating out of 5 stars unless you request me to... I don't see the value in doing that.

Anyway, I'm in love with any game that lets you turn the smiling protagonist into a spastic by simply tapping buttons in rapid succession.


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Just FYI, in the UK the word

Just FYI, in the UK the word "spastic" is a seriously offensive slur against disabled people. I'd prefer not to have it carelessly bandied about here. Thanks!

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I see. Gotcha.

Duly noted. I'd remove the comment myself, but seem unable to do so. That's fine, as it's better to own up to mistakes.

I tried writing several apologies, but they all sounded unintentionally facetious. The best I can do is alter my vocabulary and pledge to be more sensitive.*
*Is it just me, or is the above sentence the first of it's kind on the internet, and in a COMMENTS section no less...?

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Beaten! Enjoyed!

Also, congrats on creating one of the few games to feature a Black female protagonist.

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I've just realized that :o

I've just realized that :o

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What was this made in that

What was this made in that makes the download so huge?

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It's Game Maker. It's huge

It's Game Maker. It's huge because to get Game Maker to dynamically change volume in-game, I needed to use a WAV file.

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got to love little quirks

got to love little quirks like that

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i'm giving this a five for

i'm giving this a five for two reasons. one, i love this song. two, i thought you were supposed to mash the button instead of just hold it, which made it sound choppy and amused me to no end