Community Chainwreck 1 Results!

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Presenting the first complete Community Chainwreck!

Apologies for taking so long to compile the final product. I think I've gotten better at assembling something like this, so if we do it again, it will be with a much faster turnaround.

Find the 5 gears and find the exit! They're in different places every time! A community game with replayability! Watch out because two levels require you to do something to find the gear! That's kinda unfair!

Spindley Q Frog

Also try playing the meta-game of identifying where all the midis came from!

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i can't even find the last

i can't ever find the last gear. is there only one gear in the game at a time? that's confusing.

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Yes, the gear moves after

Yes, the gear moves after you find it. Also, the Joust level and the Burger level hide the gear, until you do some action on those screens.

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i think all the gears should

i think all the gears should be present at the beginning of the game.

i can't figure out what to do with the zany burger. i bounce on it until i can't bounce on it anymore. is that it?

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When the red fairy appears

When the red fairy appears on that screen, she tells you where to look for the gear (probably under the burger).
A sound plays at the beginning of the joust level when the gear is near. Then you have to kill both ostrich riders to make the gear appear.

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This is great! I want in on the next one! :D

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oh god that burger screen

oh god that burger screen

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Oh god that burger screen

Oh god that burger screen and the memories it brings back.

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Wow this came out kind of

Wow this came out kind of lovely!

Man, my levels have like no style

I can't figure out how to do Haze's level

This reminds me a bit of wandering through "Journey to the Planets"...

I was wandering around

I was wandering around forever after collecting two gears (first in the pong screen, then on the burger screen). Then I realized that the randomization of the gears means that the gear could be in the same spot twice.

It was under the burger 3 times in a row for me.

You might want to update the randomization algorithm for the next game.

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this is glorious I'm

this is glorious

I'm ashamed I didn't think up adding awesome mechanics like that grappling hook