A few Jill of the Jungle sounds

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Because nothing is more womanly than making creepy dude grunts when jumping and attacking.

Oh, hey, I have some old voice SFX from Spider-Man and the X-Men, too.

jill_SFX.zip656.81 KB
SFX_spider-man and the x-men.zip360.5 KB
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I hope this has that WHUNCH

I hope this has that WHUNCH noise when you launched the sword from your side without moving your arms.
Did you just go to the "Sound Test" screen to record these? Thanks for posting these, I'm looking forwards to using them in a trainwreck!

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Just voice sounds and one particularly bad PC speaker effect.

Capturing sounds in DOSBox is easy as pie though. Just hit CTRL+F6 to start and stop recording.

Also, the sounds are shuffled in each episode -- even the PC speaker sounds. When you try to attack with no weapon:

Episode 3: "BOING"

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I never knew it was as easy

I never knew it was as easy as CTRL+F6.... I am forever in your debt. Time to rip me some Xargon tracks!

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You know, I think that

You know, I think that "yeah" sound might actually be in the default KnP sounds library. (or at least the US commercial CD version, not so sure about the freeware educational set)

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Actually I think it has

Actually I think it has earlier origins as far back as 1989...

Sound effects

These effects are in VOC format. I think they might be headerless. Signed 8-bit sample data played at 11khz I think (perhaps lower like 6/8k) I did a lot of JotJ hacking a few years ago and posted a lot of my findings on shikadi.net / Game Modding Wiki.

Always helps to have them in their pristine, original format. I might throw something together to rip these directly.

It's saxxonpike

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