Cover Stories: An Interactive Fiction Event

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Cover Stories is an event where people pick pre-made cover art (out of dozens) and then make a text adventure based on it. Here's some more info about the event, including some guidelines for the authors. And here's where you can see the covers. (I submitted a cover for this, which you can see here.) The deadline is May 26th, so if you're planning on making something for this, you'd better get started soon.

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Cover Stories images I would like someone to use

So I guess there isn't a whole lot of interest in this? That's kind of a shame. I'll guess I'll just use this space to talk about covers I think need more love.

This cover, by Ruth Alfasso, packs in a lot of ambiguities in a tight space. I don't like the very top of the image, where the squares break off and the back of the bench (I think it's a bench) shows up, but that amber square? My heart goes out to it. Like, what is it doing with all these gray squares? What's with all the empty spaces, and why is the amber square occupying one of them? Is it... lonely?

This cover (by Jessi Bennet) is just a neat image, even though it's marred by what might be a photoshop filter, or maybe it's just a problem with the photo itself. Either way it shouldn't be hard to work around.

Another "cool image" cover, this time by Marco Innocenti. It suggests so many possibilities, too. Like, what froze this chain link fence? What's hiding behind it? It feels like you could do so much with it.

On the other hand, this cover (Rikard Peterson) feels like it's suggesting a very specific kind of game, but it's a kind of game you don't see too often.

I also like this, by the same guy. It's like, what are you playing, goofy sax man? What's your story?

This cover (Royce Odle) and this one (Ruth Alfasso again) feel like they suggest good stories about supervillains. I like good stories about supervillains

I am just totally in love with this guy (Kevin Jackson-Mead). Someone write a goofy porn game about him.

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Oh man, goofy scuba guy has

Oh man, goofy scuba guy has plans. He's got convictions. I totally want to see the world through his eyesgoggles.

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I might have a go...

This sounds like fun, I might have a go at it.....the deadlines pretty soon but not impossible. This would be my first ever game if I do! and Inform 7 makes making text advenutres way yeah...I think i'll have ago.