The 256-In-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart planning and discussion thread

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There has been some discussion over here about a new Pirate Kart project. I support this endeavour!

This big point of contention is this: do we wait for TIGSource's B-Games II competition? According to this thread, it is coming after the current "Adult/Educational" competition -- so probably in the next couple of months. I really want us to have a strong showing for this, and I still know of no better way for this community to produce something incredible than a Pirate Kart.

However, if people have ideas for something else excellent we could do for B-Games II, then I am all for booting up our own Pirate Kart II. I've already begun work adding some features to the site that will make it bearable to compile all of these games after the fact.

I'm thinking 256 games in 48-hours is a nice, insane goal. It took us 17 people to make 100 games, so we're looking at recruiting at least 40 (or for professor_scissors to clone himself 11 times) to get to 256, which is all kinds of absurd. Any thoughts on naming? 256-In-FUN? ACTION 256? Team Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Presents The 100-In-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II: Now With 256 Games?

Thoughts? Discuss here, rather than in my t-shirt thread!

I think we should wait until

I think we should wait until the B-Game compo. It'll get us some more publicity, and I'm sure there'll be rules about when we're allowed to start.

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If we wait 'till B-Games II, that give me time to run my second community project. The chainwreck idea turned out pretty good, but this next one I'm preparing is very different.

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Is there even going to be a

Is there even going to be a B-Games II? Because this comment made just as the Adult/Educational compo started makes me think like they're deciding to not do it.

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:O :( If there isn't, then

If there isn't, then we're still going to enter it, and this time we'll win goddammit


If we hadn't waited, we should have done this FOR the Adult/Educational competition.

256 Klik-n-Play games educating people about sex. I see no better use for our lives.

Now there's an idea: next

Now there's an idea: next contest that rolls around, if possible, we make a 256-in-1 pack that fits the rules.

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You must not be aware of the

You must not be aware of the time constraints the original Pirate Kart was produced under. The idea was hatched on Thursday, the games were produced on Saturday and Sunday, and submitted the following Thursday.

If we wanted to do a community submission for the Adult / Education compo, we certainly could pull something off. I'm not sure I could do 17 games specifically about sex in a weekend, though.

The rules say that entries

The rules say that entries can be adult, educational or both. You don't need to draw penises in MSPaint if you don't want to. Hell, not even if you do. We've already got a perfectly serviceable one in the Pirate Kart hit This Game Stars My Penis.

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I'd rather do the Pirate

I'd rather do the Pirate Kart as our own thing, when we feel like it. if TIGsource does end up having B-Games II, or another cool contest, we can get together on some other project for that, perhaps another chainwreck.

for the naming I'd be fond of something like "now with OVER 255 games"

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yeah, this. we have a strong

yeah, this. we have a strong enough community that we don't need to attach our most glorious trainwreck to someone else's event.

i also think this time we should actually give people a decent amount of forewarning before we start, because there are a lot more people who would participate this time around but who don't look at every day (or any day that isn't a klik of the month).

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One thing though, I worry it

One thing though, I worry it will be hard to get that sense of frenetic urgency if we're NOT playing by someone else's rules/deadline, you know?

I can't even tell you how great that ongoing irc chat was that weekend.

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ummm. newcomer here,, first:

ummm. newcomer here,, first: i played the old pirate kart and it was amazing xD good job everyone~
and well, i just wanted to ask if anyone can participate in this thingymajig, or do you have to be a super uber member or something... uhm, yeah D:
sorry if this is a stupid question~

i dont even know if im replying to the right message xDD oh well, here goes nothing

If you can make anything

If you can make anything that can be called a 'computer game' in any sense of the word, then of course you can participate! Every game will help!

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Is a flaming dick flying

Is a flaming dick flying through space avoiding purple ostriches considered a game?

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I would love to contribute

I would love to contribute to second one. I really liked the first one. I think it would be good for it to be separate.