Source code release

I've uploaded the Game Maker 7 source code for several of my trainwrecks. - The Wilframs' Last Stand - Rotation Invaders - Solar Rain - Nipples Vs Clothespegs - Mario Power Paintbrush - Janesaw - The Great Star Fusion - Bind Her! - Invader Sammy in "One Sam Army" - Catatoniac - Trepidatious Peak - Portal Two-Dimensional - Flood the Chamber Again: This Time, It's Lava - Retro Grade - Mid Morning Ride - TrailblaZer - Getalong Golfhop - Renardes - Delve Deep - Unshrinker - Daddy I'm Scared

Note: if you're using these in GameMaker: Studio free version, you may have to delete the "draw_self" script if it's present in one of these codebases. Since draw_self() was added as a standard feature in later GM versions, the script is no longer necessary.


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It was a pleasant surprise

It was a pleasant surprise to realize that the recent changes page only looked like we got spammed again. I much prefer this.

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I am happy that you are

I am happy that you are happy to share your source code!

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I'd upload the source to

I'd upload the source to some of my games here except that:

1. SpindleyQ hasn't added .mfa to the list of accepted extensions. He should.

2. Several of my games are using music I've purchased (full tracks, encoded from FLAC to OGG), and I'm worried that this would allow people to more easily pirate those tracks. But the artist himself has said that he doesn't really mind piracy... I may or may not end up just replacing them with lower bitrate versions or something.

You better listen to L rhyme

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