How Do I Shot Web?

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You are the mystical Space Spider. You must eat chess pieces BECAUSE YOU ARE HUNGRY AND I SAID SO.
Also a boss if you get 995 or higher hunger points.

Shift- Shot Web
Arrow keys- Move
When enemies are pulled towards you, touch them to eat them.

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Nice story

I was expecting an ending after beating that boss in the red space... but it just teleported me to stage 1 again. Nice game!

Also, is your screenshot a .PNG? Because it's large as ass in the KOTM section...

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Yeah, Sorry. I'm gonna fix

Yeah, Sorry. I'm gonna fix that right now.

Everyday I'm Qwopin' It.

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I can tell you

I can tell you from actual experience (unfortunately) that this is WAAAAY more fun than eating chess pieces in reality (I'm a monstrously sore loser)

R.I.P. SPACE-SPIDER. You had a good run, old girl.