Three Bullets Per Minute (3BPM)

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Videogame hero! Pick up you phaser and rid the place of the demon threat!.

Your phaser can only fire three shots per minute, how will you survive?

( KNP version also on Internet Archive now too)

Rylie James Thomas
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Having to destroy monster spawners wasn't a part of the original plan, but it popped up as a KNP bug fix. The strategic element I wanted the three-shots-per-minute to establish gets sort of nullified with them about, I think. I think I first imagined this as a big contiguous survival horror space. Having to manage enemy encounters, space to move, etc.--

I think once the difficulty icks up this gets more interesting though (loops 2 and 3). Perhaps I should alter how many bullets a spawner takes to destroy. Maybe less, maybe more--

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I haven't had occasion to play this to completion yet, but the next time I have a free moment I'll be playing this again.

The play mechanics are simple, but I was surprised to find myself needlessly complicating things... waiting so I could catch one or more monsters in each precious shot I made at the generators, or tempting fate by darting in and out and running around a group of them while I waited for my shots to recharge....

It's a hell of a lot of fun.

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I really didn't expect the later screens to force me to engage so strategically! Having to bide your time and choosing what order to destroy the generators in while actively (CONSTANTLY) avoiding and managing the enemy numbers... was really... rewarding. I quite enjoyed the time I spent completing this.

It was during the FIRST time that I had to warp into an area, sacrifice a bullet to keep enemy numbers manageable, do only ONE shot worth of chip-away damage at a generator, retreat... wait... and do it AGAIN, that I knew this was a great game.

I told myself when I joined up that I would reject rating submissions by stars, and wouldn't give in to "favoriting" any games... I can't help it now though, I have a favorite.

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Gosh. Thanks, Mal. I think

Gosh. Thanks, Mal.

I think my dissatisfaction with the game is related to how nicely that last loop (when the background gets griddy) works. I played through it (for the first time, actually; I'd got stuck on the first level of the final loop before) and enjoyed the last brace of levels, too. Your second paragraph is exactly what I enjoyed, and I should build the whole game about that. I had wanted that strategic element to be present the whole game; for there to be more choices about how to spend those bullets.

I am also a person who dislikes rating things, and favouriting things, as a rule. But the favourites feature has been a good way for me to keep track of the games I might want to download again, (or--) at some point.

Thanks for taking the time to play, and write about, my game. I'm glad someone's enjoyed it!

I really liked this one

Maybe it didn't strike me at first but I kept this one saved. It's a lot of fun, I left some more words on the newgrounds version but yeah play play it's good or wait wait play later man check it out.