The OCD Simulator

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Experience the most fashionable mental condition since 'Monk'! Run the gauntlet of fear! Mould! Germs! Water! It's an authentic autobiographic, self-deprecating but genuinely sincere game about having OCD. Finish completing the rituals in time in basic adventure game puzzles in this gripping real life simulator. After all, aren't we all "a little OCD"™

More seriously (ahem!) if you are, like me, a sufferer and wish to discuss the game, its merits and/ or its shortcomings, feel free to send me a message or email me at

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Time of completion

Just to note, due to hapless understanding of the difference between a.m. and p.m. and days, I started this game late and finished it late. I finished dead on 3.10 a.m. Hopefully though, the fact of my starting late and the bugs and computer problems that slowed progress, balance things out.

- Adam

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I learned quickly that...

I learned pretty quickly that the rules and "time-sensitive" nature of the two hour challenge aren't anything we need to be overly concerned about around here.

Now I know: Relax. Make games. Make MORE games. ETC.

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I like this. I particularly

I like this. I particularly like the screenshot, actually.

An OCD simulator on the same screen layout where you have to manage all sorts of OCD occurrences in different parts of the house would be neat / something to try.

I first played for a few minutes with the sound off, living an/the imaginary OCD lifestyle. That was sort of fun!

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Thanks for playing and

Thanks for playing and enjoying!

It was certainly more limited than would have been if I hadn't been so... well... obsessive over trying to stick to the time limit!! I was pleased with the idea of the game as cylical and that the game itself is feeding the compulsions. That said, a more paincky time based upon contamination fears or setting things straight etc. around the house would maybe work well! Edutainment to the max!

"A little less love, and a little more common decency." (Kurt Vonnegut)

this one is special

I found myself throwing away things and using the shower.. I like the layout of his house and the static cat. It didn't make me feel hope in my life this time cuz I had it all along but it did indeed bring me a proclamation of smilies. :) :) :] :] '.) WOH SO MANY OF THEM

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Ah - thanks so much!

Ah - thanks so much! Originally I had planned to make this game as a text-only adventure, but I felt that there have been so many apartment-based text games, it might be ignored. I'm really stoked you enjoyed it. I hope it resonates with those of us with OCD and is edutaining for those of us who don't!

"A little less love, and a little more common decency." (Kurt Vonnegut)