Beneath Her Belly


This is a very quick game for three players around one keyboard.

Players 1 and 2: win the affection of the beautiful obese lady by pushing and squashing your rival beneath her. Your power meters determine the strength of your push.
Player 3: shift your weight to help your preferred player win. The other two players are expected to win your favour outside the game in order to earn your preference in-game. What form this takes is up to you and them.

A - Player 1 push.
L - Player 2 push.
V, B - Player 3 shift weight.

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Pretty shocking that one of

Pretty shocking that one of' best multiplayer games of 2012 seems to have no comments anywhere. But then again, I don't think I've managed to find two appropriate people to play this with since it was released. Solo exploration reveals some pretty interesting mechanics, though. It reminds me of Pushover from WarioWare: Twisted, which I've had some fun times with.