Treachery most fowl

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You are a -COW-
To survive you must commit -MURDER-
Focus your -HATRED- on others to commit -MURDER-
-MURDER- all -COW- so you may live -TRAITOR-
Remnants of -COW- poisoned by -HATRED-
-COW- feeds upon -HATRED- becomes twisted and will -MURDER- the -TRAITOR-
Commit the greatest -CRIME-
Commit the greatest -ATROCITY-
All so you may live -TRAITOR-
Press space to begin the -ATROCITY-
Use WASD and mouse to commit -CRIME-


WASD moves your cow. Mouse aims the beam of hatred in the direction of the mouse pointer. Keep the beam focused on enemy cows to cook them alive and turn them into hamburgers. Do not eat the hamburgers or you will die. Enemies who eat hamburgers become stronger.

This is the first game I created for this site and the first Klik game I've made in 5 or 6 years.

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About the title:

Why is this now called 'treachery most cow'?

Mostly because the other

Mostly because the other idea I had for this concept (which I'd use if I were to make a sequel) involved playing as a chicken egg filled with hatred towards the world that doesn't allow it to be born. Chickens were also vaguely supposed to be involved in this game as well in sort of a Mephistopheles role tempting the cow to betray her friends to save herself (in sort of a reversal of those Chick-fil-a ads), but didn't get expanded upon past the basic concept let alone implemented due to time restraints so the title is an artifact.

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i'm glad im not the only one

i'm glad im not the only one who makes games with fatal hamburgers

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"But the future refused to

"But the future refused to change" i see what you did there....

also, why do some cows become giant sometimes?

Enemy cows become giant from

Enemy cows become giant from eating too many hamburgers made of hatred and contracting mad cow disease (3 small burgers to go from normal size to mid size and 5 more to go from mid size to large, and the large burgers created when you kill an enemy instantly upgrade them to large). It doesn't quite work as well as I intended it to since it was the last thing to be implemented and I was getting tired so I didn't try to polish the mechanics.

It just kills the traitor cow instead of making her hulk out through the power of hatred (because the cows are seething with hatred towards the traitor trying to kill them and thus want revenge at any cost). Taking hits from the small burgers does slightly increase the damage of the hatred beam but it's not advisable since five small burgers is enough to kill you.

An extra bonus tip in case no one's noticed it: there's special "pacifist" rankings in the game if you're able to obtain a high score without directly killing enemies which is possible by luring them into the slaughterhouse (since it gives you bonus points but doesn't actually count as a kill)

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I have commited 42 murder

I have commited 42 murder and accumulated 4618 hatred, does the "you butcher" is a rank for killing too much or is it due to that slaugther house you were talking about?

also, the game is REALLY fun to play, turning that saber to get it inside the cows to kill it faster's really cheap though