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I don't know if anyone checks this, but if so...can anyone help with a problem I have playing midi files. Do I need to have the midi in a special folder or anything to play it? I can set up the event for start of the level, and browse to the midi file and select it, but when I go to the level to test play it or export the game and play it, there's no midi. I don't have a problem with .wav files at all, and the game is set to play music and samples.

Are there any gotchas or tips for playing midis? Thanks.

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Some quick tests: Do MIDI files play for you in windows media player? Do the games that come with your copy of KnP play MIDI? (Click "Play a Game" from the first menu). If you hear MIDI from both of those, it might have something to do with the specific midi file you are using. I used an instant MIDI generator once, called "Dr. Jam" and even though I could hear the music in my game, other people who played it couldn't. (the machine I was running was using Windows ME, if that helps?)

The program is 15 years old. There might have been some changes to the MIDI standards since then?

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Hello and welcome! Hope to

Hello and welcome! Hope to see you at Klik of the Month Klub tomorrow.

The only thing I can think of is that there's a different volume setting in your Windows mixer for MIDI than there is for sampled sound. It's usually under the "SW Synth" column of the Windows "Volume Control" app (double click the speaker in your taskbar in XP), make sure it's not muted and turned up at least a little.

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Thanks guys, it was totally

Thanks guys, it was totally a computer setting. Windows Media Player was playing midis OK and that threw me off, but it all works well now.