Rapidly Advancing Laser


A small game inspired by a certain scene from a James Bond movie, and also by my previous game Trusty Assistant. Click the tiles in the control panel to momentarily deactivate the laser, then drag the manacled spy lady to rotate her torso out of the laser's path. How long can she last?!

(Version 2)

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An event


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could you put a download

could you put a download version up? the tiles are like game-breakingly slow to respond, and i think maybe that's an html5 problem because ugh, html5?


most probably the reason but just in case I increased the tile move speed in the Windows download as well.

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i think i was wrong the game

i think i was wrong the game is just too hard

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It took me a few tries

It took me a few tries before I realized that the tiles were part of a sliding block puzzle and not a grid of unresponsive buttons. I'd suggest making the initial setup such that one of the target tiles is next to an empty space. Or use "slide" in the instructions.

And this is really hard in terms of time pressure combined with controls. Feels like touch input would make it easier to control, although the sliding blocks are rather small targets on the screen. Or keyboard control for the tiles (up = move tile below empty space into it, etc.)

Took me many, many tries to get to score 3. When I did, the yellow marker wanted me to match it with "0," but putting the empty space next to it did not deactivate the laser.


TBH I don't really expect people to get very much higher than 4.

I'll fix that bug later.

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I also managed to score 3,

I also managed to score 3, but I think it was due to a bug wherein the ray had no effect one time.

New version

I didn't initially intend this as a serious point-getting game, but since people seem interested...!
* Smoother difficulty curve - tiles are initially more likely to be picked from the right side of the device.
* Laser speeds up more slowly.
* The laser tends to stay deactivated longer.
* Solving the tiles when the laser is already deactivated gives you 1 bonus point.
* Various bugs fixed (including possibly HTML5 clicking unresponsiveness).

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The "0" thing still doesn't

The "0" thing still doesn't seem to work! (HTML5 version)
Also the ray effects are very cute :3

edit: also I managed to score 12 huh

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This is by far the best game

This is by far the best game I've played where you lose by lasering someone in the crotch.
- http://www.metalsnail.net