Twitter's Branding Strategy

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Twitter did a thing that annoyed me ( so I made a game about it.
Use the mouse to control Twitter’s Branding Standards Weapon and destroy all symbols that fail to accurately uphold Twitter’s all-important branding values.

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An event


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I agree

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Firefox has a similar

Firefox has a similar branding strategy. Actually, certain Linux distros (notably Debian Linux) replace the Firefox name and logo with "Iceweasel" due to trademark restrictions.

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And sometimes it's "A

And sometimes it's "A Browser".

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No, that's the application

No, that's the application menu displaying the application entry's "description" rather than "name". KDE's application menu displays the "description" as the primary title by default unless you change the settings.

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I'm pretty sure i've seen a

I'm pretty sure i've seen a non-iceweasel "A Browser" before that's the title and not the description. In GNOME.

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Yeah, GNOME doesn't use

Yeah, GNOME doesn't use name/description correctly for their own apps. Probably so that new users can more easily find the basic apps, but then why not just fix the application menu to display apps by description?

I've never really understood GNOME's usability decisions.

Edit: You're probably thinking of Epiphany (which I think was actually renamed to "Web" for GNOME 3).

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Righteous! Along similar


Along similar lines, I swear I once played a game about CE mark branding where you're exploring this 3d maze trying to destroy all consumer products sporting improper variants on that logo. Like, this game was actually commissioned and put online as a branding tool.

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Branding strategies are

Branding strategies are INSANE

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Holy shiiiit

Grab it quick.

Edit: The T-shirt is no longer being sold. Uploading here for posterity:

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