page 2 people get totally hosed!

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"Recent posts","Recent changes", and the Permalinks themselves... none of them are "aware" of multiple pages!
So you get links like
when you want

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Yeah, that's something

Yeah, that's something that's always kind of bugged me about Drupal, but fixing it has never been of huge practical importance before now. Permalinks to comments on the first page aren't necessarily permanent because comments can change pages, too.

I guess it has to do with comments being a plug-in rather than a first-class citizen in Drupal 5? I wonder if an upgrade would fix it. I've been reluctant to upgrade Drupal because of the large amount of customization I've done by hacking random source code.

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could you bit the bullet and

could you bit the bullet and disable paging?

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Apparently not? But I guess

Apparently not?

But I guess I can bump it up to 300 comments per page.