Scramble The Eggs

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This game was based off of a dream I had.

You are WOMAN CONTESTANT #590 and you won a contest letting you enter in the latest hit game show, SCRAMBLE THE EGGS! Hosted by CATALD RONJUGGLER, in this dash of a game you have you to run around the kitchen scrambling the scrambled eggs, before your eggs get scrambled! If you scramble at least 50 eggs, you'll get the EGG SALAD TROPHY! Good luck!


Move your legs around in any direction using the ARROW KEYS. Any extra information will be noted on the game screen.


0-25 Close, but not close at all actually.
26-40 You can do better, keep it up!
41-49 Close, but not quite a win
50+ You did it! Congratulations on the egg salad troph

Made For: 
An event


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Man that was really

Man that was really fun

really difficult but really fun

5/5 10/Monkey

Will Eat You For Money

Best klik n play example so far

FLASH output version for those who caught the tweet:

There is no other game that matches this game. Graphics are sweet, solid characters, tight gameplay, difficulty.. It really just makes you feel special, like you're part of that crimson hats organization that rides around in tour buses wearing red hats and being old.. Like, you get that experience without the age and the bus.

That aside and not judging as everyone wants to be part of the khc (kool hat committee), you just feel like the adventure was made not with the author in mind, but to cater to your entertainment, and it's shown here without delay, entertainment is brought upon from the moment the file is entered and your first mission is to move 2 dll files into the folder... Some have complained, but I found that part of the fun.

It really builds up the hype to what you're about to enter, and its sights unseen. I think eventually mno wants to include the dlls in the library, but for those who want to emulate what i got... I dunno, maybe open up the folder and select the two dll files and do a ctrl x to cut them and then try to run the file, then wait a couple minutes pretending to look for the dlls then ctrl v it in. That way you get the figlet message of the day without remorse. and that's what's important.

Best example of KNP gameplay and game I've played so far.

I like elk