Vertical Impulse


This is based on an unreleased game of mine which I never finished, which itself was based on the old Macintosh shareware game Diamonds. There's also some inspiration from Messhof's Punishment: The Punishing and VVVVVV.

Guide this constantly bouncing Pong-like ball out of this dungeon-like environment. Break through the orange blocks (above the start) and blue blocks (below the start) and avoid the purple objects. You must be the same colour as the block to break it.

This thing is kind of dry and could probably do with a more interesting design, but w/e.

Left, right: Move.
Up, down: Speed up or slow down, depending on your current velocity.

EDIT: Endless respawn bug and some sticky wall bugs fixed.

Made For: 
An event


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I really like this. The

I really like this. The presentation is simple, but it's still visually stylish. There's a part where I constantly respawned right under a bullet launcher. Impossible to escape from.

That bug should be fixed but

That bug should be fixed but I forgot to update the Windows build to match the browser build. (Fixed.)

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Good fun.

Reaching the final orange wall was a great moment because prior to that I wasn't sure I'd be able to persevere much longer. I must keep this effect in mind for games I work on... perhaps counting down challenges numerically would have a similar effect. The final obstacle was also very cool.

I managed to stall the ball in this wall.