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--------------------THE REVENGANCE---------------------------

So, it seems the people of the website have updated the logo. WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME OPEN AN EVENT? No idea either.

Some sample titles:
-Deranged Squirrel Bandits
-Children of the Quantum in Crazyland
-Phoenix Wright: Barcode in the Magic Kingdom



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I've gotten "Disney's

I've gotten "Disney's Wheelchair Psychiatrist" and "Ultraviolent Pokemon for Kids"

The second appeals to me in strange SEO-inspired ways.

EDIT: I'll leave "Hideous Transvestite - Hot Pursuit" to someone else though

EDIT2: "Relentless Turtle: The Lost Levels" sounds like a game in which you're a koopa and have to mess with mario's jumps

EDIT3: "Extreme Ping Pong Revisited" WE HAVE A WINNER

EDIT4: And yet "Def Jam Moped Slam" has such a perfectly poetic ring to it, as does "Manic Mushroom Experience"

EDIT5: "Medieval Catapult Madness" Preeeeeeetty sure this game exists and yet I'm not sure if I like "Crush the Castle" more as a game name (inb4 trebuchet arguments)

EDIT6: "Muppet Animal Freak" and "Muppet Cookie Expert" god there's just some strange perfection to this generator I cannot fully fathom

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God bless you glorious program

"Heavy Metal Hovercraft on Wheels"

"Nudist Shaving Apocalypse"

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"Sonic's Robot Annihilation"

I wonder if anyone would yell at me if I ripped off the assets from Robo Blast. I mean the FIRST Robo Blast, not the second one using the Doom engine or whatever.

"Looney Tunes Fantasy Domination" SOMEONE is going to do this I'm sure

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Did you want this to last a

Did you want this to last a month and four days?

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Why do I keep doing

Why do I keep doing this?

Everyday I'm Qwopin' It.

some names that I ended up

some names that I ended up with (not currently planning on using any of them)

Downtown Bow Hunter Competition
Insane Bandicoot Epidemic
Violent Mummy from Outer Space
Viking Car in my Pocket
Wooden Wedding Inferno
Neurotic Sumo Revenge
Caribbean Maze Journey
Throbbing Sloth World
The Hunt for the Beast Revenge
The Castle of Army Fiasco
In the Lost Kingdom of Katana - The Movie
Dwarven Katana Fun
Fluffy Sailor Boy
Sinister Manlove Crusader
Aquatic Grizzly Bear Interactive
Confusing Weight Loss Romp
Angry Surf of the Damned
Alien Ballet Simulator
8-bit Jackhammer Terror
Low G Helicopter Forever
Create Your Own Princess Ignition
Emo Equestrian World
Heinous Funk - Total War
Spooky Blimp Munchers
Blasphemous Dog Blast
Helicopter College Conga
Robot Jackhammer X
Tom Clancy's Burger Challenge
Creepy Makeover Wars
Helicopter Turtle Island
Miracle Punching Detective
Distinguished Equestrian Punishment
Glowing Dinosaur Frenzy
Olympic Graveyard Solid
Bewildering Assault Wars
Monster Octopus Melee
Preschool Hitman 25th Anniversary

I lied

(I have an idea for Wooden Wedding Inferno so I'm going to make it)

Uploaded Wooden Wedding

Uploaded Wooden Wedding Inferno early. Maybe I'll try to make Viking Car In My Pocket and upload it tomorrow.

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"Creepy Makeover Wars" makes

"Creepy Makeover Wars" makes me wish I was capable of combining put on your make-up in the dark with a creepiness ranking system along the lines of an idea up for grabs.

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Wolfram Midi

As long as you're using a generated title, might as well use Wolfram Tones to generate a MIDI backing track. If you use something like Firebug to watch the browser requests, you can catch the call to getsound.jsp that returns a neat little MIDI file for your trainwreck.

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There's also programs like

There's also programs like Dunc's Algomusic (which I used in the last KOTM) --

Wolfram is much, much easier to get something recorded from since you can get a raw midi file from it.

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ALSO PROTIP: When in doubt


When in doubt of Wolfram Tones's output, use a scale like Lydian Hexatonic since anything'll sound decent that way -- as will most pentatonic scales


could any admin on the site please send an email to snapman to see if he is still around please I found this site on google, the node 197 page, and it said you have the original MID and sound effects from klik and play?

I can only find the schools version for download anywhere it looks like even most of the abandonware sites have unknowingly replaced it with that version not realising it is missing most of the content! :(

My parents bought it for me many years (about 10-15?) ago but I have no idea where the CD is now :(

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i feel like i have to make

i feel like i have to make endless yak journey happen

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Post-Apocalyptic Rugby Strike Force
Scandinavian Bubble Rampage
Interstellar BMX Kingdom
World of Sandwich Explosion
Topsy-Turvy Manlove Attack
Miracle Workout Punch-Out!!
Kabuki Bow Hunter Shack
Star Trek Monster Park
Escape from the Software Oppression


Insane Pony at the Olympics
Great Buddhist Combat
Amphibious Cowboy Chronicles
Kinky Handgun Fight
Explosive Alligator Enforcer
Scooby Doo and the Jazz in Crazyland (?)
Unstoppable Batman Bloodbath
Religious Dinosaur Heroes

I am so... contested right now.

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Ah, gonna be a little late

"Excruciating City Mission" is in progress.

Maybe some other day i'll make "Teenage Duck on Wheels". I was fighting in between that and this.