Grumper: Better Movement Edition

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An attempt to correct what went horribly wrong with Grumper.

Main changes:

- Movement physics have been revamped to now have near-instant acceleration and deceleration both on land and in the air (though it's _slightly_ lower in the air still), as well as decrease max horizontal speed.
- Levels were tweaked a bit to accommodate the physics changes.
- The removal of selectable difficulty. This caused the experiment to break because everyone selected a different difficulty.
- A fix for the death location decals not actually getting limited to 100 on-screen.
- When you quit the game during a level, it still saves your death locations for that level.

Again, attach your stats-xx.txt file here when you're done playing.

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the control is fine i guess

but it, with possibly the forced not-hard, makes the level design feel kinda lacking now

i dunno but p sure it's because of the lack of double jump which is kinda what jumper was all about

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It's definitely more

It's definitely more accessible and a lot less frustrating now, but to be honest I think the awkward controls added to the charm and feel of it. Made the game it's own thing. You know?
Maybe you could just tone it down a bit, but still keep some of the slow deceleration?

Now it's feeling a tad bland, I guess.
It's still a very polished and fun platformer. <3 Just less unique.

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the physics could definitely

the physics could definitely be floatier, but the original was just painful, mainly trying to stop on a specific spot

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I did provide an Easy

I did provide an Easy difficulty in Grumper, but only one person used it. And then one person went on Normal and two or three used Hard. That makes it hard to judge how difficult I'm making my games.

And a lot of people complained about the movement physics, so I changed that. I guess you have a point about uniqueness but at this point I'm not really sure where to strike a balance between innovation/charm and accessibility.

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Yeah... You're right.

Yeah... You're right. ^^;
You're absolutely headed in the right direction. This version is definitely the preferable of the two.

Forgot to upload my stats text thingy. Gave up on level 14, sorry...
Some excellent level design towards the end though! 15 looks insane.

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MUCH better!

Before I couldn't get past level 6 on normal, but this version is great :D I've only played up to level 11, I'm going to tackle it again later when I'm not so sleepy.

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You didn't have to make it

You didn't have to make it easier, it was fun to try over and over again. it adds the *magic*