klik & play mid/midi and sound effects

could any admin on the site please send an email to snapman to see if he is still around please I found this site on google, the node 197 page, and it said you have the original MID and sound effects from klik and play?

I can only find the schools version for download anywhere it looks like even most of the abandonware sites have unknowingly replaced it with that version not realising it is missing most of the content! :(

My parents bought it for me many years (about 10-15?) ago but I have no idea where the CD is now :(

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will rip

I'll rip and post them later today, unless somebody beats me to it.

Edit: Let's make this a request thread! I'm still looking for three long-lost KnP games: The original KnP version of Furballs (not the locked Furballs Z version), Mr. Malibus, and something with the initials 7SOTLW (7 Shadows/Secrets/Something of the Lost World).

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A request thread it shall

A request thread it shall be!

This isn't Klik related, but I'm looking for a Game Maker 6 game I can't remember the name of. The author described the game as being "inspired by water toy games". The game took place underwater, with a dynamic background fading between black/blue colors. You had to press and hold Space to fire a cannon somewhere on the screen, launching a ball which would bounce off of spinners and bumpers and things, and I think you had to get it into a hoop or collect a star or something? It had very rich audio, with underwater background noise, while ambient tracks played on occasion. Thing is, I forgot what it's called! Maybe if I knew the name I could find it and download it again.

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Is this it?

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That's the one. Thanks!

That's the one. Thanks!

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Whoomp there it is

KNP Maxis '94 retail CD release libs and sounds

I was tempted to also zip up the tutorial which features a man who says you could take your pets, your friends, your family into your personal gay movie. But it's big.

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Foiled again!

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I think I need to see this

I think I need to see this tutorial.

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2 avis

There are 2 more AVIs that aren't on youtube yet. There's the one after they cut to showing some C++ coding, and the one after the tutorial that tells you to send in your registration card. I remember being impressed when I found the tutorial sequence was actually made in KnP. Mostly done with path movement objects.

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When I was a kid and playing

When I was a kid and playing with the Shareware version of Klik & Play, the thing prevented me from accessing the Storyboard Editor and adding new frames, so I opened the tutorial sequence and used that to construct a "multi-level" game. Some frames used timer events to dictate when to go to the next level, so I improvised and made those levels timed challenges.

Not Found

Same with me. I tried to find full version but I got only school versions.

Think flooring then think : spambots are a blight on society (spam link removed)

Spammer... Send his IP

Spammer... Send their IP address and the company name/website to the Federal Trade Commission, they don't like companies breaking the CANSPAM laws. -.-

I hate how these new SPAMBORG (google/wikipedia it) spammers (bot-assisted spammers often using chinese labour to fill in the captchas) write apparently innocuous looking posts then hide spam links in them... starting to see it more and more on blogs and forums :( Slimey and manipulative

thanks a lot for the downloads by the way, maybe you should update the node 197 page and turn it into glorioustrainwrecks.com/klik&play so more people find it when googling :)

Are the US ones the same as the EU ones? I'm from the UK so my one was made by "Europress" who I never saw release a single other game ever I think, maybe they went out of business

Does anyone know how to unzip/extract files in the LIB and SND/MUS files? I saw on mirsoft.info/gmb/music_info.php?id_ele=MTQxMzM they converted some of the MIDI files, there was an info.txt with the ZIP saying this:

Archiver: Dr. Spa Num of tunes: 12 *** additional info *** -Klik & Play came with seven sample packs, most of which were classic remakes. The MIDs are from those games.

-These tunes have been converted from .mus format, without loss of quality. Often, the .mus files had more than one midi encoded in the binary text. These have been extracted and separated using HexEdit.

I remember I later got a CD called Klik & Play Game Pack does anyone still have that? It had that 3D robot platform game on it and stuff that had it's own little 3D cutscenes

I wish I still had the game I made of my hamster after it died aw I remember spending ages in the little bitmap editor (drawing the pixels in by hand.. the screen resolutions were really pretty low then i have no idea what they were in 3.1 was it 800x600 or even lower? i know it was 800x600 in windows 95) in klik and play making a mario pipe for it that would have a moving bulge when the hampster went in it... I remember I used that WATERMUS midi for the bit where the hamster owuld go to the big rocket (I think I stole the rocket from the Gracillis V spaceship game (when googling I found someone worked out how to convert them to Flash by the way) and made it huge to look like a cape carnaval style rocket) then inside the rocket PROMEN1 and GYMNOPE midi for when the hamster was moonjumping... i think i was about 7 hehe... I used to love another game too, it was made before tamagotchis, apparently the creator got offers to make it into a full game by companies but turned them own because she was too busy and just wanted to make something free to make people happy :)
maniform.com/stuff/hamster.htm - 'Happy House' by Arai Harumi

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funny, a spambot suggesting

funny, a spambot suggesting to report a spambot

I'm not a spambot just

I'm not a spambot just enthusiastic, sorry :( none of those sites are even commercial so far as i know... I don't think "Shaw Laminate Flooring" is relevant to well, anything

I was the one who started this thread ^

the node 197 page I was

the node 197 page that needs updating that I was talking about I mean this one glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/197

and if you don't believe me honest I have my own website, I have seen this stuff plenty of before - I just went and googled the name, and well... same thing on another site:
... sneaked into the "CSS" section
and another:
and another:
and another:
(notice the link in the signature)
and another:
"i am a music lover... pantry cabinets" lol

you won't have a conversation with a spammer or even post more than once on the same site usually, they are paid to mass post crap-posts with clickable links (for Google's benefit usually since they sneak the links in obscure places most don't read/only read once) all over the net, usually stealing other peoples' photos like that one and using random names and locations, they are nearly always from China because the money is very little in US$ they use the exchange rate... same deal with anything using mass human labour

oh and the reason I put a lot of white space in my reply there was to separate the different questions out, cos I know a lot of the time with people they tend to answer the first question in a sentnece then forget if there are other ones after it :(

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We know about the spam

We know about the spam problem and have multiple people actively reading every post and deleting spam on a daily basis. All automated spam-fighting solutions that work with the creaky old software running the site produce way too many false positives and let some spam through anyway; so now we just have efficient tools for cleaning up. It's annoying, but not too burdensome.

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Sometimes, I wonder if we

Sometimes, I wonder if we should add a "how many yellow joggers in this picture" step to registration...

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This gives me a terrible /

This gives me a terrible / wonderful idea: CAPTCHA PIRATE KART. To register as a new user, you must beat an HTML5 / Flash game designed to be hilariously straightforward to win -- if you are a human being. Games designed by the Glorious Trainwrecks community.

Fuck. I need to make this happen, don't I? It would completely eradicate our automated spam problem AND be super fun to do.

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Umm, don't we already have a

Umm, don't we already have a CAPTCHA? Are the spambots somehow bypassing it? Would a CAPTCHA Pirate Kart really be more effective?

It's an amazing idea but I'm not really sure it would help matters.

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I think it's worth a shot.

I think it's worth a shot. Game-based CAPTCHAs are emerging at the moment as a method that is potentially more fun and effective. Spambot AI has adapted to be able to make out words, but it hasn't adapted to be able to, say, eat a baby or a burglar.

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Yeah, we have reCAPTCHA, and

Yeah, we have reCAPTCHA, and it's sort of effective in that our spam problem would be way worse without it. My guess is that spammers have scrapers that let them automate everything but the actual CAPTCHA solving, and even that they might farm out via Amazon Mechanical Turk or something. If I rolled my own CAPTCHA system then it would be unlikely to be worth anyone's time to automate; you wouldn't be able to solve it by just POSTing some words to an URL, you'd have to send keyboard events to the server or something.

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That's what worries me -

That's what worries me - what's stopping a human from solving the CAPTCHA for the spambot?

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Is there a notCaptcha system

Is there a notCaptcha system for this wiki software?

I use notcaptcha on my own board with custom images and I haven't had much spammer at all. Before it, I had over 200 signups of spambots daily.

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notCaptcha for Drupal

Yeah, it looks like there's a port of it:

Thinking I might try making a KlikArt_10x75.png for the system...

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It's a shame those sliders

It's a shame those sliders don't work on my Android.

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An image?

The first one directly on the page I linked is only an image. Does it work on the proper test page? ( http://cloudgears.com/comment/reply/3#comment-form )

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D'oh, yes. Well, they don't

D'oh, yes. Well, they don't slide, but can be clicked into the correct position without too much difficulty.

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"Place these icons

"Place these icons vertically"? What poor, poor technical writing. At first I was given the impression I would have to somehow rearrange the icons themselves so that they were lined up in a column? I assume they mean "right-side up"? And yes, the notCaptcha user experience is pretty poor on Android. I had to rapidly tap in order to get the slider to register all the way on the right or left side.

Clearly whoever wrote it didn't pay much attention to usability.

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That'd be pretty fun making

That'd be pretty fun making Captcha games. The problem is is that someone might make a really long game and make you take 40000 years just to sign up.


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I wrote a tool called

I wrote a tool called KNPExtract which dumps resources from K&P games; you may want to have a look at it.