Atomic Blast, a salvaged Game Maker game

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Oh shit, I never posted about this one. I began Atomic Blast several months ago, while scoping out Game Maker 7. After a couple of goddamn weird error messages, and some icky stories about the registration DRM, I gave up on purchasing the full version.

This began as a ripoff of Destructivator, a twitchy arcade-style game I really like. Cloning got boring though, so I switched gears. The final game has a few tricky sections, but it's pretty laid back in comparison. Many more screens were planned, but it felt like I had already done everything I wanted to in the first twelve. I spent this evening tying up some loose ends, and well, here it is. Now, onto other things (JOHR).

edit #3: Ack, fixed more errors. Reuploading as ZIP, deleting the previous versions.

Atomic_Blast1.03.zip2.68 MB


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This game is a little too hard for me this late at night, but I sure am enjoying the pedantry folder.

P.S. Congrats.

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Hee hee. I've never watched

Hee hee. I've never watched someone play one of my games before.

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but that'd mean i'm famous

but that'd mean i'm famous and i'm not famous

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Hi Mister X, I can't seem to

Hi Mister X, I can't seem to post comments to that blog, but regarding the error, it must be caused by the high score saving/reading routine. I will upload a version without it in a couple of hours. It will be v1.02

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It's up. Let me know if it

It's up. Let me know if it works.

doesn't work on Wine

i'm using Ubuntu, and this game is not working on Wine - maybe because it's based on GameMaker ?

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Hi, some quick googling

Hi, some quick googling suggests that Game Maker 7.0 applications won't work with WINE because they depend on DirectX. Sorry, dude!

This is one of the reasons I'd like to learn C (or, barring that, Python/PyGame), since SDL applications can be put on almost any kind of home computer without much trouble.

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This is crazy good!

Really great game ! It feels

Really great game !
It feels like it has been blessed by the gaming gods : a fun gameplay & beautiful sprites in a powerful arcade way.
Congrats !