Action Point 2009 Results!

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Sorry for taking forever with this, but here are the entries! Tomorrow I will post the awards ceremony, and hand out the coveted .gif trophies for display on your homepage, between your "Cnet Funny Site of the Day" banners and links to Netscape Navigator!

Many thanks again to Colombia Pictures for not sponsoring this event to promote their upcoming disaster comedy "2012".

Roll out the red carpet, turn on the searchlights, and start the music! The Awards Ceremony is about to begin!

(Awards ceremony attached below)

ActionPointEntries09.zip6.98 MB
ActionPointAwardsCeremony09.zip4.29 MB


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oh god everyone else's are

oh god everyone else's are all so much better than mine

you all did such amazing jobs

all of you

every single one

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not me. i decided that since

not me. i decided that since i don't understand klik 'n play enough to do something technically ambitious, i could at least make something that looks like a demo. but i couldn't even get scrolling text to work.

i'm hella impressed by what you maniacs can trick klik into doing, though. i like iso island, parallax marios, strong's box of bouncing notary publics, the ascii train, and armpitman's talking computer program.

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oh my god the intro FMV

oh my god the intro FMV


This was a lot of fun! I like your awards program! :D

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Yeah, the invitation and

Yeah, the invitation and awards made it a lot more fun to participate. Kudos!

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i completely forgot about

i completely forgot about the awards ceremony.

i like how the names cycle through everyone who's ever participated in the site.

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Oh man, I wish I'd known

Oh man, I wish I'd known about this. Seriously magnificent.

Is this likely to be a kind of regular thing? I'm inspired to open up knp now but I know I can't do shit lately unless it's for a short-duration compo.

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This was amazing! I

This was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and all the entries...

...With the single exception of mojofltr's 'encode' which was just a white screen for me. Every other entry delighted me.


The encode program will not make much sense to anyone who didn't see it in my blog. It works in conjunction with the pptext demo.

Open up the encode program and type the text that you would like to display in pptext. You will notice that as you type, a new pixel will appear. When you've typed your message, take a screenshot, crop the image to the pixels (text data) and then save the image. Now open up the pptext demo and replace the image in the active object with the image you just created. (note: importing an image will center the hotspot, so you'll need to reset it to 0,0). If done correctly, your text will now show in the demo.

The idea was to create a text scroller in knp, where the text could be changed easily. ;)