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I totally saw the post about Mathora VI and decided that I had to do my own first person engine. It's not randomly generated but I think that it's very functional for something knocked up in two-to-three hours. It appears that any incorrect graphics have been quashed or at least I think that they have, the perspective and the short LOS are really confusing the heck out of me. Whilst the HUD is incredibly unfinished it's entirely done to MSX resolution and palette and I'd really like to finish it up unlike the last thing I shared here which I said that I would finish. This is becoming a trend with me.

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A new version that only

A new version that only changes the graphics so that they look a bit fancier. I changed the shading on the walls and I would like to know if people prefer it over the old.

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I prefer the new walls That

I prefer the new walls

That map graphic is pretty sweet

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Needs some keyboard support,

Needs some keyboard support, man. Then it'd be fun just to walk around. Protip: left/right to turn, since you don't really need strafing in these games.

I've also been trying to figure out what to do with my horrible KNP raytracy thing:

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Post it! It looks better

Post it! It looks better than my horrible KNP raycaster.

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I'll add controller support

I'll add controller support later on, so people can use a pad or stick without having to resort to JoyToKey which will mean I'll eventually be forced to cut out strafing if I want to free up one of the two buttons for a different action. I do like having the option for strafing for those people who might want to be able to step to the sides in games like this though. Oh sod it, I'll just do keyboard. Those people will just have to use JoyToKey if they want to use a pad but you'll have to put up with mouse only in the meantime.

Your engine looks sex by the way. Maybe you could space out the walls a bit and make a game where you're running through a forest since that's probably the most visually pleasing way of having a raycaster built with KnP.

I've attached a little experiment with the engine for a feature I plan on adding to the main game. The colours are terrible and most likely entirely wrong but I'm pleased that it actually works.

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I was thinking of making it

I was thinking of making it like 'through the eyes of a lizard' or something since it's so retardo and disorienting but I like that forest idea.

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Since I won't be able to

Since I won't be able to make the next KOtM I think I'll break the two hour rule and spend the rest of the week working on the next version of the engine because I want to use it to make something extra special.

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I found a limitation in TGF

I found a limitation in TGF that I wasn't aware of until recently; after a certain amount of actions have been tied to one event adding any more will wipe the entire line clean. So, if you've got hundreds of active objects that all need to have their visibility set at the start of the level like I do you have to break up some of those over multiple "start of level" events. I had to do the same with "always/never" because I could potentially have lost an hour's work which would have seen me drop another project.

It probably happens in KnP as well and it's probably common knowledge but if it ain't, well, there's something to add to the knowledge base. We do have a knowledge base don't we?

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Attached is a beta of Phaser Quest. The colours are horrid and it's full of bugs but I consider it a technical achievement.

- you can walk straight through characters
- characters don't appear in each of the views
- the red scan lines signifying death just don't want to appear sometimes
- you can actually attack two characters at once though it will take twice the AP so it kind of balances out
- some developer stuff is still apparent

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Quick penis measurement; 486

Quick penis measurement; 486 events, 221 objects and 19 counters (six of which weren't used).