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Be some ducks. Find food for your ducklings.

(Mouse to steer, click to move forward)

Nick Scalzi
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this game is so cute!!!

this game is so cute!!!

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are the lilipads food?

are the lilipads food?

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Poor baby ducks!

Poor baby ducks! WHYYYYYYYY?



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Some of the unhappiest

Some of the unhappiest points I've ever earned in a game.

Love it.

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i love you

i love you

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i don't want you to get

i don't want you to get EXCITED or anything

but this game has made it into my game design textbook

it was in fact the exact example i was looking for


Wow, that's TREMENDOUSLY exciting, thank you!

(also your first book got me making games again in the first place, so thanks for THAT too!)

You monster. This was so

You monster. This was so horrifying, i had to record a video of it:

ahaha i love this, thank you

ahaha i love this, thank you for making this!

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I feel this needs an ending.

I feel this needs an ending. It is excellent, though.

Every trainwreck I've made

Every trainwreck I've made with an ending has a total let down ending ha. I REALLY need to put more thought into game endings!

I think I'm alright with it in this game though, I guess. if only cause I STILL can't think of anything else :P.

Wow, look at that single tag

This game is AMAZING... I can't say enough about it... Just WOW..

I was playing it and it was so much fun.. so laid back.. then WOW what a cliffhanger! +fav for me

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Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH.

Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH.

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hey guys am i missing something here

as a trainwreck i've got no problem with this game but
what is it exactly in this one thats game design textbook material

no offense and a bit of offense but

if its something about bait & switch then instantly expecting it is pretty uh

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It is a game. It was

It is a game. It was designed. It manages to create a surprising, interesting experience while remaining rather simple. It made me smile!

Why WOULDN'T it belong in a game design textbook?

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