Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball

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Hempuli's really depressed about falling asleep on his keyboard and missing KotMK so he and I are going to pretend it actually starts an hour from now and make some games.

(That's 10pm Beijing time because fuck your time zones.)

Any and all welcome to attend.


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Lazy both in terms of development and gameplay, sorry. One of those games where you let the computer control your character, although I have also added a secret non lazy cheat mode where you do have some control over things.

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lonely hermit dorf

Just wanted to see how far I could get. Didn't end up adding constructions, but you can do stuff.

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This is the 20XX part to the Mythora series, a competitive product to Mathora! Their fame was never as good though.
Contains might 14 different enemies, a boss fight and hours of fun! Also RPGMaker sounds!

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Ok this is officially

Ok this is officially amazing.

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HAHA, oh Jesus, that

HAHA, oh Jesus, that fanfic...

Oh man, it seems Gmork killed me in one hit... damn. I'd had no trouble up until then, too...

This is fantastic, by the way.

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Gmork is friggin' impossible! I did so much grinding, too... is he actually unbeatable?

You have to be something

You have to be something like level 70 to beat it. Sorry.

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I officially endorse this

I officially endorse this effort! I love to see the community take some initiative and make some fucking videogames.

I've been wanting to solve this problem for a while, but I didn't know when a sane time to have a second event would be. Is that a good time to make it every month? (1400 UTC, if my math is right)

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Where are the people mostly

Where are the people mostly from that have a problem with the regular time? 10pm Beijing is midnight Sydney time so it's probably pretty good for Oceania people. Day before might be better though, since that was Sunday night.

I guess the best time for

I guess the best time for Europeans would be around 18:00 - 24:00 GMT, at least for me the current compo time is barely 2 hours too late.