still slogging thru the muck

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Alas, I'm still couch surfing and job hunting and hating being homeless. I wish I had a car but I don't have a license and this story of woe wouldn't exist.

Around the end of June I managed to get a callback for a job and I took it. It was a sales position for a security company. I went door to door, saying the same spiel over and over and no one wanted to buy. After a month of no sales (and lots of wasted time), I quit. Maybe no one wanted to buy from a woman, or people really don't like getting bothered by a door to door salesperson.

Fuck that shit. I hate working for da man anyway. I got all my gaming tools now and lots of time on my hands and a new place to crash. I've been scouring the job papers but there has been no jobs available in this town. Apparently it's a cosmic joke that I came here, away from the land of opportunity. While in San Francisco, I managed to find housing and a job within 2 weeks and I should have stayed. I got involved with a shady company and had a fall out with the people so now I'm stranded in this podunk place. I would like to get back to California or back home to St. Louis as soon as possible.


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What's the city? Sorry to

What's the city?

Sorry to hear about the rough times. And the car. "Mobility is nobility" like Tomothy Leary said.

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I was living in Flint, MI

But I had to bounce. The people I dealt with were obnoxious and I hope a freakin asteroid kills them all. Dealing with them just makes me hate people more now.