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A while ago I gave the last bastions of the old free web hosts a search for old non-self-conscious KnP games. I went with the big three: Tripod, Angelfire, and Geocities. It was a very exciting expedition! I even ran across mojofltr's old stomping grounds! [Link removed pending approval]

I'll be posting a find from my free-host safari every Monday night. Some of them will be fun classics I've been trying to track down for a while. Some will be just really odd stuff that I honestly didn't expect to ever see. They'll mostly be trainwrecks.

First up is QuakeMaker by KZero! This was a clever little maze game that made me very interested in faking scrolling in KnP years ago. The game is played in a very, very tiny little window. What fascinates me about this game is that the gameplay is most likely a result of bugs in his original idea for his scrolling system. You have to retrieve blocks from a maze, but if you collide with the wall, you cause an "earthquake" which makes all the blocks in the level shift towards you. My guess is that the shifting blocks were originally a bug from the way he moved objects around to scroll them. But it became part of his gameplay instead of being "solved". The idea of game design resulting from limitations in an environment was a strong message in "Racing the Beam", a book a few people here have probably read. Just like the Atari VCS programmers came up with games that played to the strengths of scan-line-graphics, many classic KnP games played to the strengths of the fiddly nature of KnP collision detection.

Next Week: A game starring a very famous game character in his most exciting adventure with KnP clipart ever!

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these are my favorite kinds

these are my favorite kinds of trainwrecks

thanks for reminding me to read racing the beam btw

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Rhinoferizing this so hard. (I also really appreciate that it'll be a regular feature rather than a big ol' dump.)

I kinda sorta want to mirror these websites in their entirety somewhere.

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Especially the ones on

Especially the ones on GeoCities, since it closes down in three weeks.

EDIT: I should mention, I am totally willing to host mirrors of other peoples' Klik & Play games / websites, especially if someone goes to the trouble of scraping them for me.

EDIT 2: Wow, "wget -m" is magical.

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WFP2: Mario's Many Adventures

This weeks' Freehosting Pick comes to us from Rob Bruder, AKA Little Dawg. The game is titled "Mario's Many Adventures" but seems to center on one very specific, and unusual adventure. The title screen introduces us to Mario, or at least one frame of his incredible 3-frame custom sprite set. It's clear that Mario here is the star of the show, lovingly reproduced with his familiar commander-keen white skin, mullet, and green gloves, green boots, and green belt. I'm fascinated by the inexplicable cross-hatching on the boots. There were darker greens available to the artist in the palette, so why pixel hatch with black? Also of note is the fact that Mario appears with 2x2 pixels, making the hatching and resizing feel more like an early attempt at "Retro Graphics" which the Indie Games community has yet to grow tired of. Pressing "S" brings you to a garish green on pink story screen that informs you that you need to retrieve stolen jewels from penguins. Start the game with the enter key (not mentioned anywhere) and you'll find yourself in the first level (which is nearly identical to the title screen) facing the wrong direction. You'll notice immediately that Mario's two frame walk cycle includes one frame with a yellow M on Mario's hat, while the other frame lacks this detail. Try jumping to the first step of the staircase (Pyramid?) to your right, and you'll likely encounter one of my favorite KnP quirks: Nose Hanging. Succeed, and you'll be well on your way to becoming frustrated on the moat level and giving up!

The whole game feels like it was built around the home-brew Mario sprite. My impression is that most development time was spent on drawing the sprite, whereas the game was quickly built to serve as a showcase for his artwork. Both Mario's appearance, and the Pyramid-esque first level lead me to believe this game was not inspired by Mario's NES or SNES outings, but rather that this fan-game was created after the author played Super Mario Land for the Game Boy. The platforming later on is sadly made nearly impossible due to the lack of player control over jump height in the default platform movement in KnP. It is interesting though, to see the already simple abstractions of a Mario game abstracted further through an individual's recollection of the rules governing the traditional platformer. Kind of like that time I attempted to reproduce "A Christmas Carol" from memory using Opening Night from Mecc.

Next Week: I don't know, maybe something with Hobbits?

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I almost hate to break it to

I almost hate to break it to you, but the homebrew Mario sprite was totally ganked from Aldo's Adventure.

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Oh godddd. that titlescreen

Oh godddd. that titlescreen D: please no

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i love how the M is just

i love how the M is just mspainted onto aldo's hat

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WFP3: K&P Tetris

I've mentioned it here before, but Jim Cogswell's K&P Tetris always amazed me. Witness the incredible 3D rendered intro, and riveting gameplay. Tetris is a simple game to describe, to to but describe it with KnP events is a herculean undertaking. It's amazing that the game runs with a mere 172 events, but the most fascinating part is the annotated level layout, with a text description of every counter and object involved in the process of translating this classic game into the oddly-shaped confines of KnP's event editor, resulting in the vanishing line this forgotten achievement represents.

Next week: hopefully something more fun, less technical.

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I wish I still had Simply3d3

I wish I still had Simply3d3 or whatever it was called installed so I could make those awful animated intros in knp's format.

._o This got posted in the


This got posted in the wrong section... I think