Saucer Sandy's Moon Escape


Windows and HTML5 versions now available!

This is a randomly-generated space dungeon arena shooter. Help Saucer Sandy escape this prison moon by fighting various bosses and collecting powerups.

This is loosely inspired by Hero Core, The Binding of Isaac, You Have To Win The Game, Clu Clu Land, and my old game Heart of Gold.

Music by Heatbeat. Font by codeman38.

I choose to believe that my working several hours overtime on this will make up for everyone else's sparse showing this month.

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This is a lot of fun and

This is a lot of fun and pretty wonderfully polished. I love the selection of power ups. Some seem to be more hinderances than boosts, though, like that timed bomb one. I have no idea how to make that really work to my advantage. I'm impressed with the amount of stuff going on in here!