Storm Is Coming

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It took me much, much longer than it might seem, mainly because of my lack of experience with the program, but I can finally proudly present to you my first KNP game ever completed - Storm Is Coming. It is a somewhat artsy one screen platform game which should take you about 5 minutes to complete. If you know what to do...if not, there are hints available. I know there will be some mistakes and logical gaps, but what the hell. I think it's decent for a debut. It is black and white with home-made sprites, crappy animations and the soundtrack is me plinking away on a detuned piano. Yeah, sorry about that. Tell me what you think, I would like an experts' opinion on what I could work on in future projects. Greetings to all fellow locomotive engineers!

Storm Is Coming (Jan Strach).zip11.26 MB


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This is spooky

and good! I was able to reach one ending using the hints, no idea on how the get the other. I like the birds and flies and worm(s) moving around in the scene.

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Hi qrleon, I'm glad you liked it! For one ending, you have to sit down in the shade. For the other, you have to hide (and there's not much to hide behind in the scene) and just wait...a long while. I hope this will help you :)

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I got both endings. I really

I got both endings. I really liked the music. I look forward to more games from you.

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Congratulations! Did you

Congratulations! Did you need the hints, or figured it all out by yourself? More games on the way!