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Podunkian wasn't able to attend this weekend's Klik of the Month, and he was feeling really beat up about it. I mean seriously depressed. Trying to drink himself into oblivion depressed. And that's terrible, you know?
So we had this thing: one hour time limit, sprite sheet theme. Both of us drinking, Pod all kliking through tears, so expect quality.



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oh man, GARFEILD ADVENTURE is some lynchian shit right there

'press button 2 to be invisible' is the best garfield game mechanic ever

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Yeah, I totally played it as

Yeah, I totally played it as Garfield Minus Garfield adventure.

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It did that weird thing where KnP won't run and then you get twenty windows all at once, and it turns out it's better with music.

(Run two instances and play the second one to replicate this effect.)

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I'm just gonna leave this

I'm just gonna leave this here in case anyone gets drunk and inspired.

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