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I made a game for Ludum Dare! The theme was EVOLUTION so I made a game about turning into a lizard. EVOLUTION is a programmer-wank game theme so I made it for the Atari 2600. I have not had a chance to test on real hardware but it'll probably be fine.

Permanent video game instructions are included in the readme.

Jeremy Penner
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running on real hardware

I tweeted it as well, but a little more detail. Compared to running in Stella the colors for the dirt blow out almost completely. I'll attach a pic of the screen from close up, you can see a little chroma noise / bleed at the edge of the obstacles but that's about it. Sound, timing, speeds, controls all work perfectly. :)


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Awesome, thanks dude! My

Awesome, thanks dude! My HDTV does not like my Atari 7800's video signal for whatever reason (the sky goes a crazy rainbow and the blocks sometimes turn bright white, and there's a constant buzzing), but on my CRT TV it looks good.

Will definitely have to change up the colours. And maybe add an alternate title screen so I can make my kid play it.

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that looks quite enjoyable

that looks quite enjoyable