a new html5 audio wrapper, designed for games...

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I'm releasing a new javascript library, geared at sounds for browser-based games:
http://lowlag.alienbill.com/ lowLag.js: responsive html5 audio

"a simple wrapper for low-latency, high-compatibility, html5-friendly audio"

Expect to see it in use in some trainwrecks!

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I think it should default to

I think it should default to the audio tag for Chrome. I get instantaneous audio response in the playground when I set the backend to audio tag, but webkitAudio (the default) has a small (but noticeable) delay.

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weirdly it was a transitory glitch in Chrome Audio tag that set me down this road: it would play 2 samples only in sequence, not simultaneously- but later a reboot of my machine fixed it.

I'll test and see if I agree with your assessment. If so, I'll probably need to do some more irritating browser sniffing-- I do that for Firefox, but "if webkitAudio is there, use it" was a simpler thing to have (and the playback code worked without changes on newer forms of Safari)