Working on my skillz

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I've entered into the themed trainwreck #4 and the KOTM #63. I'm actually going to complete something this time! I'm so excited! I already have my handy programmer's notebook and I scribbled some ideas. I'm using KNP/GF again and it's tough re-learning how to use this dang thing. My sis has the original KNP manual at her house that she borrowed from me. I got to wait until she brings it back. I do have a PDF version of the manual.

I was thinking of firing up the old Mac and use KNP on there, but I can't get the internet and the version of KNP I downloaded didn't work (as it read the zip file wrong as Windows zip, not Mac Zip). I wonder if anyone uses KNP for mac?


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I don't think the Win and

I don't think the Win and Mac versions are very compatible. IIRC the Mac version can import Win KNP games but not vice versa.

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i'll still attempt to play

i'll still attempt to play it via sheepshaver anyway

wish mmf2 had a macos9 version so i can make macintalkhyperding.