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A top down shooter. Mac and Windows versions included.

I'm gonna be busy between 4 and 6 tomorrow, so I did this the night before. I ran over. I started at exactly 8 PM Friday and stopped at exactly 2 PM Saturday. So that's 6 hours.

Originally the red cubes were gonna move and shoot back at you, but then I got sleepy. So now they just sit and wait for you to destroy them. Basically the game at this point is about you committing mass murder on a galaxy of red cubes who never did anything to you. Maybe I'll make a version with crossfire later this weekend.

I wanted this to have the feeling of actual falling, like not just like spaceship mechanics or whatever. But then it turned out the more realistic the falling physics were the less playable the game was. LUDONOMICS WON.

Source code: https://bitbucket.org/runhello/fall

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An event


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I play it as a game where

I play it as a game where you have to bounce on three platforms to win! :D

I really like the speed

I really like the speed feelings of this and how it feels like a Kenta Cho genocide. The shooting sound is the best, it is like someone popping their spine around because they have been sitting too long.

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Whoa, I like that cold open

Whoa, I like that cold open where the game plays out for a few seconds, then BOOM title screen and seamless transition back into the game. Good sense of speed. Dodging was fun, but shooting lacked a bit of visual OOMPH.