Fire Triss

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This is inspired primarily by the Namco game Bosconian. Attack the marauding humancraft, Fire Triss!

W, A, S, D - Move
Mouse - Aim and fire

Music "anar1" by 4Mat.

Hmm... I might expand this game in the near future.

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An event


juliette's picture

Beautiful :3 Wish the music

Beautiful :3

Wish the music looped though!


* Added HTML5 version
* Added sounds
* Fixed music looping
* Made crosshair easier to see

Really like this

Beautiful details on Triss with her spinny hands and bouncy things; I played a version where the music did loop, after a long silence. The song made me feel brave, as I exacted crimes upon a fire-headed lady who probably just wanted to hang out and sing in outer space.

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Really great! What would an

Really great! What would an expanded version be like? I feel it's worth mentioning that I really liked the single enemy aspect, so I'd hope that would remain.