Gratuitous Profanity

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Controls: Arrows + X

Scoring: 1 point per "fuck" heard

Voices: Evan Balster (@celluloseman)

Background: Had a weird idea in 2010 to take Mafia 2 on for the Guinness World record for most profanity in a videogame. Made a TIGSource devblog. Got some awesome art from PANPOMMA and some awesome recordings from Cellulose and AGJ. Then promptly lost interest before finishing a prototype in Flash. This is a new MMF2 prototype I hacked together tonight for Glorious Trainwrecks.

Video: (spoilers)

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An event


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I died just as I beat the

I died just as I beat the boss. FUUUUUUUUCK.



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Fun! Since you call this a

Fun! Since you call this a prototype I'm guessing you're planning to revisit this concept. If the score increased a bit slower, you could put in pop-ups (or perhaps some less obtrusive indicator) that appear when you surpass profanity records set by previous games. Movies might be good too; the current record holder seems to be a film called Fuck that features over 800 fucks.

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That would be a really

That would be a really interesting ranking system. I wonder if that sort of data is easy to find?

And yeah, I don't think I've milked everything from this concept yet, particularly the scoring system where you get a point per SFX heard. The third wave in this game has an interesting strategy where you maximize your score by trying to keep exactly one invader alive at all times.

tight controls

Course this is to be expected.. I like the tiny resolution.. It felt so portable. One thing I love about the noyb releases is his use of different size screens.. He's not afraid to really explore the box, and by that I mean make the box whatever size feels limited. Maybe it's to make the graphics look better, or leave more to the imagination, but it works... Course I miss whatever you were using in There's a Monster at the End of this Game. That little engine you were using felt so versatile and it was almost as if I wasn't running a flash game. The mysteries and power you possess are unmatched.

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Thanks! Interesting

Thanks! Interesting observation with the resolutions, looks like I have been breaking my 640x480 crutch lately.

This was made in MMF2, while There Is A Monster was in Flixel.

Oh wonderful

Ah yes, honestly that mystery was bugging me. I don't know about developing in it but the results you yielded inspired me so thank you for namedropping there. I for one love the sleek interface infused in Flixel and if not too hard to pick up I'd be willing to give it a lift. I'd be happy to check more past releases as those aren't the only examples that inspire. I was jamming out with fatty rain yesterday, almost frustrated but persevered. Anyway I'm saying keep up the good work and thanks for the examples.